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Given how far Newman, California is from our headquarter, people generally think that it is out of our service area. After all, what roofing company would spend 1 hour in back and forth traffic just to do a roofing job? However, we are actually more than happy to provide roof installation and repair services for the Newman community(surprise surprise!)! In all seriousness, our motto is and has always been to do the best for our customers by providing them with quality roof repair and installation services and treat each and every one of our customer the same regardless of individual characteristics and their distance from us.

With that said, we offer professional roofing, gutter replacement/repair, dry rot repair to residential, commercial, industrial and mobile clients in Newman, CA. We are committed to making sure that your property is repaired correctly so you won't have any problems down the road! In addition to these roof repairs services we also provide skylight installations and replacements as well as other home improvement tasks such as painting or even deck work if needed(we can help!). We offer free estimates on all jobs, so it doesn't cost you anything just to ask us about what type of work your home needs done. Our estimators will come over and answer any questions you have regarding your project before coming up with a estimate that suits your budget perfectly. You can feel confident knowing that we're licensed, insured, and experienced--we've been in business since 2002!

Reasons to hire us:
-We offer roof replacement and repair services to suit your individual needs.
-Our team is one of the most skilled in all of California, and we're available 24/hours a day for emergencies!
-Experience: With over 30 years of combined experience, our company can handle any type or size project that you need completed. We have vast knowledge on how to best serve your needs with superior workmanship and efficiency.
-We've been serving Newman since 2002, so we know what it takes to provide true customer service here!
-20 + year warrantee: All roofs are backed by warranty against leaks caused by faulty installation or materials for 20+ years from date of completion after work was performed at no additional charge (conditions apply)

Our Services 
It's undeniable that roofing is one of the most important parts of your house. It's necessary to protect you and your family from outside elements, but more importantly it protects and secures all those costly investments inside your home!

Roofing Modesto Pro Newman branch offers roof repair services in Newman, CA for any type of roof problems you might have come across over time, including: water damage due to heavy rains or ice dams; hail damages; lightning strikes (a common part of living in an area with a high risk); leaks caused by shingle rot; damaged tiles due to faulty flashing installation. We also offer roof replacements if there are extreme circumstances which make it difficult or undesirable for repairing the original structure.

Newman, CA
Since this is a page dedicated to our roofing services in Newman, CA, it's only fair that we give some introduction to this beautiful city.

Located in Stanislaus County, Newman is a small town of only about 11,000 residents. It has been named as one of the safest cities to live in California and enjoys relatively low crime rates due to its well-maintained neighborhoods and community organizations that help keep things running smoothly. The city's namesake founder was Lewis Henry Newman who came from Pennsylvania before settling here with his family during the late 1800s. He established an agricultural colony on what used to be cattle ranch land which helped make it prosper even more than ever imagined.

Newman today continues its legacy by keeping some aspects of agriculture alive through various farming operations while also maintaining a strong business sector thanks to being home to a number of large manufacturing companies such as Nutella, Nestlee and more. The city is currently home to over twenty-thousand residents with an average age of thirty-five years old which means that there's plenty of opportunity for growth in the future so long as they can plan accordingly.

The economy here was originally fueled by agriculture but today it has diversified into other sectors such as manufacturing, construction and even retail making it a great place no matter what you're looking for!

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