Metal Roofing


Our roofing contractors in Modesto, CA are specialists in installing new metal roofs on residential and commercial properties, giving our customers the many benefits of a metal roof. With many attractive options to choose from, ranging from steel to copper, you have some choices as to which material you have installed on your roof. Investing in a metal roof is one of the best things you can do to save yourself money in roof maintenance and energy bills, since the properties of metal roofing mean that you and your family stay cooler during hot weather and that your roof won’t be as damaged after stormy weather. If you are searching for roofing contractors in Modesto, CA to install a metal roof for you, give us a call!

Energy Saving properties of metal
The most numerous type of roof shingles used today are asphalt shingles and these are actually the worst when it comes to saving energy because these asphalt shingles end up absorbing a great deal of the sun’s heat as it beats down on the roof. Metal roofing reflects this energy and also cools much more quickly than asphalt shingles to. This releases a huge load off of your air conditioning system so it doesn’t have to work so hard since your attic area will be much cooler.

Different kinds of metal roofing materials
Our customers have a few options to choose from when it comes to deciding which material to use on their new metal roof. Aluminum is the lightest metal and is impervious to rust, and steel is durable and also resistant to corrosion. These two materials tend to be the most common ones available, but there is also the option of using copper shingles. Copper is an attractive choice and also naturally forms a protective layer called a patina. This bluish patina is marvelous to behold and means that the copper just gets better with age!

Benefits of metal roofing
Metal roofs are extremely durable. These metal roofs can withstand the rough weather that we can sometimes get here, and as the climate is changing it is best to be prepared against hail and other things that will become more frequent in the future. Because of the durability and longevity of metal roofs they will maintain themselves for much longer than asphalt, tile or wood. Metal roofs also reflect sunlight which will prevent your home from absorbing solar radiation unnecessarily, saving you tons of money on your energy bill over an extended amount of time.

Metal roofing installation for the future
If you are considering having a metal roof installed on you home you should understand that while it may be a bit more expensive, the choice is an excellent one due to what you get back in terms of durability and resistance to inclement weather. Since these roofs are impervious to rot and deterioration like asphalt and wooden shingles are,  they are a better choice in the long run when you end up paying less due to the money you save on maintenance and not to mention your energy bill as well! Of all the roofers in Modesto, CA you can rest assured that Roofing Modesto Pro is the one who has your back. At the same time, our good friend Roofers Cincinnati and Kamloops Roofing Company are at your service as well!

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