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Due to its name, many people confuse Airport, CA with an International Airport. In reality, the city of Airport is only a small town with less than 2000 residents near Modesto, CA. That being said, it's not surprising that residents are unaware about the roof repair and replacement services offered by Roofing Modesto Pro's Airport branch. Therefore, we take it upon ourselves to inform the public about our roofing services.

Our Services
- Roof replacement: If your roof is in need of a full replacement, we offer that service as well as repairing and replacing individual shingles or tiles on an existing roof.

- Roof repair: Aside from fixing minor leaks with tarps, this type of maintenance deals more seriously with damage like broken skylights, missing gutters, or dry rot caused by moisture intrusion. This process requires removal and remediation before any new materials can be installed for a quality sealant to protect against future issues.

- Gutter installation and repair: Our gutter specialists are available 24/365 to install new gutters or fix old ones at affordable rates! We also work closely with insurance companies so to call for help when necessary.
- Skylight Installation: It would be easy to overlook this as an afterthought but skylights are one of the best ways to increase natural light during daytime hours inside your home or office building without having additional electricity costs associated with them! We have experience installing these lights at low prices so don't hesitate to contact us for an estimate.

- Dry Rot: If you've come across this term before, it's likely due to the fact that your house is made of wood and needs dry rot repair ASAP! You'll find plenty of information on what causes dry rot here but we're happy to help with repairs as well should you need assistance in repairing or replacing material like siding, fascia boards, roofing shingles/shingles, gutter brackets etc.

- Wood Rot: This is a term that will sound familiar if you have noticed your house has started to rot. We offer gutter repairs with wood rot, roofing repair services for homes with wood rotted fascia boards and so much more!

Our Standards
As much as an international airport should uphold the highest international standard, Roofing Modesto Pro's Airport branch upholds the highest international roofing standard. The Airport Authority has determined these standards and they do a good job of explaining them so we won't go into too much detail, but it's important for you to know what is expected before investing in any work here.

- The roofing material must be at least 30 years old or less and have a Class A fire rating.

- Gutters need to be metal, aluminum clad wood, copper, lead, steel with gutter guard installed on the downspouts that are not more than two inches above grade.

- Fascia boards: They should be made of noncombustible materials like hardboard siding which is low maintenance because it doesn't rot as easily as other materials such as cedar or plywood.

- Roofs: All roofs must meet the following criteria when installed

- Skylights: These have been required at all new construction since 2005 with regard to FAA regulations governing airport safety areas near flight paths. Any skylight installation or repair needs approval from the Airport Authority prior to going ahead with the project, and will also require an inspection by the Department of Building Inspection after completion. If your roof does not meet those minimum requirements then there may be fines associated with the inspection.

- Dry rot: This is a serious issue and your roof could be at risk if you don't get it fixed soon. If left unchecked, this can spread to other parts of the house such as framing members or sheathing boards and potentially lead to more costly repairs within just a few years.

We know you don't want any surprises after investing in your new roof so we offer free inspections before work begins for each customer that orders from us! Contact our office today to get started on your roof installation.

Airport, CA
If you think it must be easy for you to take a plane because you live in Airport, CA you couldn't be more wrong. You still have to choose a good airline, make sure it has the appropriate destinations for your trip and then book an itinerary that suits you.

Fortunately, if your problem is about roofing, you don't nee to worry about any of that because our local team in Airport, CA has plenty of experience in roofing and we can handle the whole project.

We have everything you need to know about local companies who offer all sorts of services, such as framing members or sheathing boards and potentially lead to more costly repairs within just a few years. We also make sure that your home is insulated properly so it will be able to resist heat, cold and moisture which are three major factors for roof durability rates.If you don't want any surprises after investing in a new roof contact our office today!

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