Roof Replacement


A high quality roofing solution not only has an appealing looking to it that adds value to your home, it also protects you from weather, sun, pests and high energy bills. It behooves you to have a sturdy and long lasting roof that will prevent you from being saddled with an emergency leak during a strong storm or an invasion of potentially dangerous pests that seemingly come from nowhere. A well-made roof is your most important line of defense against these issues. If you are searching for “roofers near me” on the web and want to stick with the most qualified and competitively priced roofing companies in Modesto, CA then you need look no further!

Things to take into account
You should definitely take into account the materials that your current roof is made of and follow the indicators that we will lay out below. Lifespans of the typical roof are around 25 years give or take, with the majority of roofs shingled in asphalt shingles. A roof with slate shingles can last up to 100 years, oftentimes longer if you did it yourself and used large stones- a testament to the ancient ruins whose stone roofs still stand. We know that roof replacement is a big investment and a decision that you don’t want to take lightly, which is why we laid out a list of what to expect.

Indicators that your roof needs replacing
There are actually two options when the average homeowner is presented with a malfunction of their roof, and those two options are repair or replacement. Repairing your roof can add some years to the lifespan of the roof but if there is a bigger underlying problem it is probably a better idea if you go with a roof replacement. Telltale signs include finding bits and pieces of the shingles collecting in your gutters, mold and algae growth in shaded areas, and high energy bills just to name a few.

Integral Parts of a Successful Roof Replacement
There are many crucial components to a roof that we can lay out here for you to understand better. The most basic part is the deck, which is the physical wooden structure that will support the next layers. The underlayment is a method of waterproofing that will protect the deck from moisture, while flashing are pieces that keep away water from wearing at seams and joints. We have to make sure that adequate ventilation is present by picking a ventilation solution for you, while ensuring that drip edges and other components are properly placed to protect against water from rains.

Stick with trusted and professional contractors
There are a few signs that the contractors you are considering using are the ones you should stick with. You definitely want a company that is open and honest about the whole process, walking you through what it all means step by step. You want them to be upfront about the costs and more importantly that they go up onto the roof to get a closer look at it to determine what treatment the roof actually needs. If they are a bit closed off and seem like they just want to get started right away without explaining anything in detail, stay far away from them.

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