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The term and the notion of roof ventilation might seem rather strange and baffling to the general public. Most people who live in a house their entire life have never even heard of the term ventilation. Well, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But most certainly, not enough people living in Modesto, CA, USA have heard of house ventilation and even fewer have been educated on the need to ventilate through their roof. That’s for sure. But that’s such a shame because unless you’re just like one of those people who honestly, indiscriminately couldn’t care less about their health and well-being, roof ventilation is not only important but it’s absolutely essential in any building structure humanly possible and imaginable. That is to say, just in case our previous statement ever happens to be a bit overly eloquent, regardless of whether it’s a residential building, a commercial office, a retail mall or an industrial manufacturing plant, having a well-functioning roof venting system in place is entirely necessary and absolutely essential. And even more so if you’re in Modesto, California. We all know how hot and humid it can get here 😉 The fact of the matter is, be it metal or tile, yay or clay (see what I did there ;)), you need some venting baby oh yea! Now that we’re clear on the importance of venting through your roof, let’s dive a little deeper into just what is a roof vent and what the process of roof ventilation actually entails.

A building built by human, aka Homo sapiens, is protected by roof vents in many different ways. Generally speaking, by a roof vent, the life of the roof is extended, indoor temperature is regulated, the cost of energy is reduced, and rot damaged can be diminished or eliminated. Now let’s start with the basics: how attic ventilation works.

Roof ventilation, by definition, is the process of allowing air to escape a building through the roof vents by way of flowing through the attic space. An overheating roof condition will most likely be prevented by a roof vent given that it is installed properly from the start. As the same way, development of condensation will also be prevented. This is not to be taken lightly or slightly because substantial damage or life-threatening health risks can result in the case where a roof overheats or when moisture accumulates. Therefore, it goes without saying that problems appear when a ventilation system has not been installed in a proper manner. It therefore needs to be emphasized that issues developed from a mal-installed roof ventilation system can present serious risks to the health of human being and other animals living inside the building and can also result in severe damage to the building itself. Some common problems in Modesto, CA related to a mal-treated attic ventilation includes higher than usual energy costs, mold growth, and ice dams.

How it works
By now, you probably have realized that a ventilation system only works when air is allowed to circulate. Therefore, there are mainly two methods that a roof vent can creates an airflow. One method is mechanical and it requires a power source such as electricity or wind. The other method is natural which allows the air to flow through the attic naturally by the combination of the stack effect and the wind effect.

By now, we know you’re beyond interested in knowing the rest of how a roof ventilation system works and how we at Roofing Modesto Pro will be able to help you either set one up, repair and maintain your existing system. To schedule your next appointment in Modesto, CA, please call us at 209-279-5012. Also, You can find us in's USA Business Listings.

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